SericoDesign has its headquarter in the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in the town of Manzano, heart of so called Chair District. SericoDesign is designer and manufacturer of high-end leather seating.
All product design takes place in Italy: tanneries are Italian, design concepts belong to Italian designers, skill to cut and sew leather is Italian, as well as pre and post-sale customer care.
Research and development, internationalization, flexibility and know-how are the distinctive elements of SericoDesign.
Result is visible in the collections: high quality and attractive design in compliance with regulations on safety and comfort plus strong handcraft skills.
Company chose to manufacture luxury furnishings by using only European thick leather and became one of the leading experts in processing it to keep technical and tactile features of such tanned material. Leather upholstery phases are conducted in-house so quality control is continuous. Long experience in leather processing has increased the range of leather colours to create seating that always shows unparalleled patterns.
Achieved know-how and on-going technological development, together with customer service and price/quality ratio has allowed SericoDesign to expand in European and non-European markets.

In-house product processing gives SericoDesign a considerable added value: turning your own designs or requests into customized luxury leather furniture. Customization includes on demand model and on demand quantity. SericoDesign has been ensuring customization for decades now.